Community is our Middle Name

Our History

In 1925, Mr. Claude House, who had come to Raymond in 1907 to work for the Raymond Land Improvement Co., envisioned how a Savings and Loan Association could benefit Pacific County. After months of speaking with other engaged community members, an organizational meeting was called at 1:00pm at Walter’s Café with C.L. Lewis, H. J. Ellis, H. J. Pearson, E. E. Colkett, C. S. Beal, John Pulli, Wm. Busch, C. D. Morales, J. R. Snider, H. L. Born, J. W. Mason, Dr. A. L. Maclennan, and Claude House present. At 1:45pm on Friday, the 27th of November 1925, Pacific Savings and Loan Association was created.

While the bank has undergone multiple name changes: Pacific Savings and Loan, Raymond Federal Savings and Loan Association, Raymond Federal Bank, and now Connect Community Bank – our commitment to Pacific County, and now the contiguous counties Grays Harbor, Lewis, Wahkiakum, and Clatsop has never wavered. We have remained committed to our traditional savings and loan values by keeping our focus on our communities, maintaining local leadership, and avoiding the industry trend of Wall Street investors and selling mortgage loans as investments.

About Us

Mutuals have a longstanding reputation for exceptional service that stems from our focus on member value rather than corporate ownership. Because members are owners, serving your needs and delivering a high level of personalized knowledgeable service is our top priority.