Community is our Middle Name

How to Switch

We know that changing bank accounts can be challenging so we have developed this handy checklist to assist you as you transition your accounts in 5 easy steps.  Banking with us demonstrates your commitment to our community and our development initiatives and we look forward to exceeding your expectations and meeting all of your needs as a member of Connect Community Bank (CCB).  

This is a guide and may not encompass all elements of your unique financial situation. Please reach out to one of our seasoned bankers if you have any questions.

1. Open your CCB account(s)

We offer multiple products to support your banking needs.  Please see our products page for more information, but generally we offer:

  • Savings Accounts – all savings accounts earn interest for our members
  • Certificate of Deposits – CDs are a great way to earn increased interest over a savings account. While penalties may be imposed if you close it early, this rarely impacts your original principal. 
  • Club Accounts – clubs accounts are unique savings accounts to save for the holidays or support our community foundation
  • IRAs – these are savings products with unique tax advantages. Please see your tax advisor for more information on these accounts.
  • Checking Accounts – these are transaction accounts that are tied to a debit card or used with paper checks. We have a unique option that allows you to ‘round up’ your debit card transactions to the nearest whole dollar and deposit the difference in your savings or club accounts.  Also, for members who meet our Connect Pricing criteria, our checking accounts earn interest too!
    • If you have a debit card at your old bank – be sure to order your debit card as soon as you open your CCB checking account so you can active the card before you start moving your electronic transactions.
  • Other services – we offer many other additional services to support your needs. See one of our bankers today!

2. Move your funds to CCB

After you open your CCB account, move your funds from your other bank to your new account.

For Savings

We recommend going into your other bank and closing the account by requesting a check. Then bring that check to one of our locations and deposit it into our new account.You can also move your funds with a wire but this usually involves a fee.

For IRAs

You will have to work with your other bank to transfer your IRA. This requires specialized forms but we will help you every step of the way.

For Checking

We recommend you leave enough funds in your other bank to cover any outstanding items that may not have cleared yet or are scheduled to withdraw electronically. Then move any additional funds to your new CCB account.  Please see #3 for guidance on moving electronic transactions

3. Update your Direct Deposits

In this day and age of electronic banking, we recommend opening your CCB accounts before you close your current accounts. This will ensure you can update all electronic payments – like your direct deposits.  To do this, we recommend you contact the company you get the deposit from (payroll, retirement, social security, etc) to see if they require a specific process.  Many companies only require a written letter but some have specific forms. If they only require a written request (or even better they allow you to update over the phone), below is the information you will likely need to update these types of transactions.

  • The bank’s routing number is: 325170864
  • Your account type and account number is on the disclosures you received at account opening.
    • Many places require a voided check or deposit slip – you can get these from any of our bankers
  • Our main mailing address is: 202 Duryea St Raymond, WA 98577
  • Our main phone number is: (360) 942-3444

4. Update all electronic transactions

In this day and age of electronic banking, we recommend opening your CCB accounts before you close your current accounts. This is less important with many of our accounts but really important with a checking account.  Having your checking account already open will ensure that you have a chance to receive your new debit card and update any reoccurring transactions or direct deposits.  Below is some information you will likely need to update these types of transactions.

Review the last few months of your other account to make a list of all reoccurring/auto debits and contact those companies to update your account or card information to your CCB account.

Review all of your payments in your other accounts online banking or bill pay and set up those companies in the CCB online banking system.

5. Close your other accounts

After you have ensured that all transactions have cleared and/or been transferred, close your other account. This is generally done with a written letter asking the other bank to close your account and send you any remaining balance in a check. Or, you can go into the other bank and close your account in person.  Once your other account is closed, be sure to destroy any checks, cards, or deposit/withdrawal slips tied to that account.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our bankers should you need any assistance.  Again, we thank you for trusting us as your financial institution.